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Cleaning and Sealing

Avoid Workers Compo Claims
Increased Health & Safety
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Cleaning and Sealing
Stop Water Penetration Without Blocking The Capillaries
by Using Non Slip Super Penetrative Sealer

Non-Slip Cleaning and Sealing Services

Superior Quality Concrete Densifier and Sealers

Non-Slip solutions present to you some of the best and superior quality concrete densifier and sealers. Their water repellent properties help you get great resistance from chemicals and liquids etc.

The concrete densifier and sealers are widely used especially in garages and other commercial areas where there are more footfalls.

They not only add a distinct polish and gleam to a surface but also protect it from corrosion and abrasion.

The concrete densifier hardens the soft surface of the concrete and increases its endurance. The quantity of the densifier depends upon the cement to water ratio of the concrete.

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Non Slip Floor Solutions

Stop Slips and Falls

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Premium and Professional

The concrete densifier is nothing but a water-based chemical solution that reacts with the calcium hydroxide in the concrete to produce calcium silicate hydrate (CSH).

The concrete gets its strength from Calcium Silicate Hydrate as it fills the open pores of the concrete and binds seamlessly with the concrete. Our extensive range of optimum grade concrete densifier is sure to fill all the capillaries of the concrete while retaining its natural look.

Immensely Popular Through Australia

Concrete Sealers are one of the best ways to increase the life of the concrete. A concrete sealer is nothing but a protective layer that prevents moisture and growth of mold.

The concrete sealers are suitable for indoor as well as outdoors. The concrete sealer is the chemical barriers aiming to provide ultimate protection to the concrete. The concrete sealers help one to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the concrete intact despite regular wear and tear. 

Non-Slip Solutions are one of the leading suppliers of Concrete densifier and sealers across Australia. We are committed to providing advanced and durable concrete densifier and sealers to prevent your concrete from cracking, staining, scaling and much more.

Supa Seal Penetrative Sealer A Water Bourne Product That does not have any residue to buff out and does not alter the WET coeficient of Friction of the substrate.

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