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DIY – Non-Slip

Avoid Workers Compo Claims
Increased Health & Safety
Risk Minimisation
DIY - Non-Slip Kits
Protect Against Slips and Falls With Our Non-Slip Kits

Ensure your family is protected from Slips and Falls with Our DIY Non-Slip Kits

Oftentimes there are permanent and debilitating injuries to your staff, customers or family making their lives miserable.  

That’s why we always say “Don’t Risk It – Non-Slip It“.

  • We provide the worlds best Non Slip applications and technology to Australian Standards
  • We Apply Non-Slip Solutions on any size floor. From Airport Hangers to Bathroom Shower Tiles.
  • We’ll help you proactively minimise your risk by delivering a safer non-slip environment for workers and customers. 

Establish since 2006 we are available to provide helpful recommendations and solutions to minimise the risk of slips and falls in any and every location across Australis.  

We solve slippery surfaces whether they be an outside surface, inside surface, commercial, industrial, residential, or marine environment.

So remember, all you need to do to get a good grip – is contact Non-Slip.  Our direct free call number is 1800 NON SLIP or 1800 666 754


Non Slip Floor Solutions

Stop Slips and Falls

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