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Epoxy Garage in 1 day Industrial Polyaspartic dries in 60 minutes & sticks to anything.

Client had a low budget & less time as he was moving in the house in 2 days. He wanted to make the floors tidier than what it was at. We should the client on how to use our DIY in the industrial coating and also guided him all the way to achieve desired results. Client saved a lot of money by doing it himself and also got an industrial top of the line better than epoxy coating on his floor of the rented house. Epoxies have different solid content that lets one know how durable and lasting the product will be. Our industrial top of the line coating has 100% solid content in it.

Client completed the Job Saturday in 3 hours & the garage was ready to use by Sunday morning when they started moving in. Call us to discuss how we can save you money on your next epoxy projects.

Checkout our garage floor Non-Slip floor treatment in the video below.