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Food Grade 12mm Trowel Coatings for Greek Sweets manufacturer

Non-Slip offers effective and efficient food grade trowel ons for food processing factories across Australia.

Epoxy Systems provide Excellent Features and Comply with Stringent TGA, Food and Beverage Production & Processing, HACCP and WH&S Regulations. This means that it can be Safely used with Confidence in many Industries and Environments.

Our Epoxy systems have been widely used on floors, walls, kitchen cabinets, steel, hand rails, Timber & more.

They are a Hygienic, Durable, Chemical Resistant, and Economical Flooring System, that can be applied over New or Old Concrete. They provide Excellent Resistance against Mineral Acids & Caustic Solutions, Oils & Fats at Ambient Temperatures, and have many other Benefits.